CSU Systemwide NAGPRA/CalNAGPRA Policy

One-on-One Consultation

We welcome one-on-one consultations. To arrange make arrangements, please email nagpra@calstate.edu.

Other Information

If you have questions or comments about the draft outline of the future systemwide policy, please email Adriane Tafoya, CSU CalNAGPRA Project Manager, atafoya@calstate.edu.

Listening Session Materials

Past Session Summaries

A summary of the input given at past CSU CalNAGPRA/NAGPRA listening sessions is available for review via the link below. This summary document will be updated within 10 business days as future listening sessions conclude. 

https://kearnswest.sharepoint.com/:w:/s/home/EULEyYh9_n9FtvyBwbUMyzIB6lsY7Qwc78lplFsij7cG0w?e=2S7F8R This link will take you to an external website in a new tab.

If you attended one or more sessions, we would appreciate your feedback on the information that was captured in the summaries. We welcome feedback regardless of attendance. The feedback button below will send you to the feedback form. We also welcome your feedback via email at nagpra@calstate.edu.

Feedback This link will take you to an external website in a new tab.

Session Slide Presentations